Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

For years, businesses have focused most of their search marketing efforts on Google. After all, the majority of people in the US and in most countries around the world use Google. Despite years of effort by major tech industry player, Microsoft, Bing continues to lag far behind Google in terms of how many people use it every month.

While Bing’s 20-22 percent share of the US search market is far smaller than Google’s 60-65 percent share, it is still a huge market your business can target. Bing gets about 10 billion searches per month in the US. Think of it this way, if you have a successful Google Adwords campaign, you could potentially increase the number of sales/leads you’re getting by 35 percent – just by adding BingAds to your strategy. Follow these tips for using BingAds: 

Bing searchers are a different audience than Google searchers

Depending on your industry and target market, some campaigns may work better on Bing than Google. As a broad generalization, Bing’s audience tends to skew toward older individuals and possible more B2B users. This is likely because older users and those searching on work-restricted computers are less likely to stray from the default setting on Internet Explorer–Bing. The key is to track results carefully, compare how your campaigns perform on Bing vs Google and then adjust your strategy.

Bing’s migration tool makes setup easier

Bing offers a handy migration tool that will import your Google Adwords campaigns into Bing. After the import, you’ll need to go over the campaigns before activating them, especially these areas:

  • Double check bids and budgets: the import tool sometimes changes these to match Bing’s minimums.
  • Targeting options: location and other targeting options can be changed during the migration.
  • Negative keywords: Bing doesn’t support broad match negative keywords.

Optimize to achieve good ROI

The most critical step to ensure your BingAd campaigns achieve maximum profitability is optimization after migration. While copying your Google Adwords campaign is an easy starting point, you’ll need to individually optimize your Bing campaigns to achieve good results. At 10x digital, we track and optimize 50+ factors on every campaign to maximize profitability, ranging from search terms to bid adjustments to audience lists.

Have questions about whether BingAds are a good option for your company, or how to optimize BingAds for greater profitability? Email us to schedule an audit/consultation with one of our BingAds optimization specialists.