Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just an idea for the future—it’s here now and continues to build momentum. The global AI market is forecasted to reach $500 billion in revenue this year, and 83 percent of executives consider AI a strategic priority to increase their bottom line. Another 84 percent also feel that AI marketing solutions provide a competitive edge in this saturated online landscape.

If your brand isn’t utilizing AI already, now is the time to start. There are numerous ways to leverage this software, from intuitive chatbots to voice and visual searches, email automation, and social media monitoring. So as you explore new strategies for 2023, here’s how to effectively use AI marketing solutions in your customer journey:

Harness Customer Data to Personalize Your Content

You need to understand your target audience to produce content that captures their interest. AI can automate this research to help you build detailed customer personas. This technology uses machine learning to analyze data across your audience’s platforms and provide critical insights about those consumers. This information can include:

  • Demographics
  • Website preferences
  • Content preferences
  • Search queries
  • Brand interactions
  • Purchasing habits
  • Online behaviors.

These data points will help you deliver content your audience wants to consume because it’s tailored to who they are and what they like. This information can also help you identify potential crossover audiences or areas of opportunity among new consumers. Remember that while AI can gather this information, it’s up to you to use it wisely—and ethically. Even now, there are ongoing conversations about how we can use AI in a way that helps businesses without breaking client trust.

Target Advertisements to Optimize their Performance

AI marketing solutions can help you optimize your targeted ads, email campaigns, and social media content. When you create an ad, AI can measure its relevance to a specific marketing channel and target audience. The software uses baseline metrics to predict performance before going live, and the subsequent report will help you minimize the risk of running an ineffective ad.   

Increase Brand Awareness with Social Listening

Social media is an excellent platform to attract new followers and interact with customers—and social listening can take your reach to the next level. Monitoring social communication about your brand can help your team translate consumer perception into action. Social listening can be a time-consuming task, but AI makes it easy. Some tools can scan brand mentions and conversations across the internet to find areas for improvement or brand opportunities. 

Make Customer Interactions Feel More Human

According to a recent survey from Forrester, more than 70 percent of U.S. consumers relate to authentic companies and want to do business with them. So, how can you facilitate that authentic customer service experience?

Ensure each online interaction with your target audience has a human touch. When you install an AI chatbot on your website, this feature intuitively mimics natural speech and informational processing to deliver a helpful, real-time response in a conversational tone. This micro-interaction will nurture trust and rapport with your customers.

Level Up Your Business Strategy with AI Marketing Solutions

No longer a projected wave of the future, AI marketing solutions are here to stay, and it’s time to capitalize on their ROI potential. If you want to utilize this technology to scale your business in 2023, contact our team of specialists at 10x digital. We’ll teach you how to harness AI and optimize your marketing efforts to boost brand awareness, content traffic, and conversion rates.