Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

LinkedIn is currently the number-one platform for B2B lead generation, and it’s not hard to see why. Forty percent of surveyed marketers agree that LinkedIn is the most effective channel to attract and nurture high-quality leads. Target audiences who encounter branded content on this platform are six times more likely to convert. 

However, some marketers find it challenging to tailor their content to resonate with LinkedIn’s audience. Of the 850 million-plus global users, 65 million are decision-makers in their organization, according to the previous poll.

Connecting with this audience might seem like a tall order—but with a clear, focused content marketing plan, you can do it. The framework below will help you build a compelling B2B LinkedIn content strategy to promote brand awareness and increase conversion rates. Here’s where you should start:

Research Before You Publish Content

To speak authentically to your audience, you have to know some basic information about them. Otherwise, your content might come across as too generic or “salesy.” Our solution? Start your B2B marketing plan with consumer research, and use these questions to guide you:

  • What industries do these LinkedIn users work in?
  • Are they entrepreneurs, senior executives, or mid-level managers?
  • How much experience do they have, and what does their job entail?
  • What is their previous educational or employment background?
  • Do they have needs or pain points that your business can resolve?
  • Which types of content do these users often consume on LinkedIn?
  • Are they affiliated with professional networks and organizations?
  • What are their demographic details (race, age, income, location, gender)?

Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Since most LinkedIn users are highly-qualified business professionals, you must earn their trust by establishing yourself as a credible resource. If you can communicate on a topic with firsthand experience (as well as data-backed insights), then you just might get their attention. If a subject is not in your wheelhouse, leave it to someone else.

Of course, you should also consider which topics will attract your target audience. But if you cannot flesh out a particular subject with accuracy and unique insight, this won’t create value for the consumer—in fact, it can translate as disingenuous. Just remember to find the right balance between topics your audience cares about and those you’re fluent in.

Prioritize Multimedia Content

Content marketers often associate LinkedIn with in-depth articles or long-form blog posts. But while this written content does perform well, it only scratches the surface of the options available.

A recent study across 141 LinkedIn posts found PDFs to be the most successful B2B LinkedIn content, but don’t let that limit you. Here are some other forms of content to test out as well:

  • Infographic posts
  • Photography and illustrations
  • Quotes or bulleted tips
  • Native video uploads
  • Audio bytes or podcast clips
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • E-book or case study excerpts
  • Visual graphs and charts

Expand Your Reach with Hashtags

Just as you would on other social media platforms, be sure to include a few hashtags in your B2B LinkedIn content. This tactic will help increase the post’s reach, so users outside your professional network will see it too. 

It’s also important to choose relevant hashtags for your subject and target audience. If the content is on actionable marketing tips for social media specialists, your post might contain #onlinemarketing, #socialmedia, or #digitalcontent. Try brainstorming a few keywords that someone in your audience may search for, then turn those keywords into hashtags. Simple as that!

Level-Up Your B2B LinkedIn Content with 10x Digital

Your presence on LinkedIn matters for brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion rates. This guide is here to start you off, but if you want to take it a step further, reach out to our team of content and social media marketing experts—we would love to help you create a strategy that converts!