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(GREENVILLE, SC December 11, 2017) Techknow Inc. made two announcements today. First, the company unveiled the QSR industry’s first wireless speed of service timer, providing the most efficient technology to serve more customers per day, reducing drive-thru times and increasing revenue, among many other benefits.

Second, the company disclosed that one of the top 10 QSR brands has adopted this new technology, with others in the industry currently reviewing it.

The technologically-advanced solution supports standard induction loops which exist at the order points in most stores. The wireless solution is installed in hard-to-reach areas such as the ‘pull forward or mobile parking’ positions. Stores adopting this new system can have up to 50 wireless loop locations. This Techknow video demonstrates the system in detail.

“Through our 24 years’ experience in QSR and drive-thru technology, we have introduced a technology that prepares the QSR industry for the mobile future.” said Techknow President Richard Elliott. “We are setting a new standard in the industry for efficiency, accuracy and analytics which translates into an increased bottom line for franchisees and a streamlined, superior experience for customers.”

In addition to the timer, the solution includes a Scoreboard. The Scoreboard gamifies the drive-thru and turns work into fun, creating friendly competitions among stores in any given time zone or just amongst a single franchisee. Techknow also proactively monitors the systems- enabling franchisees to focus on operations versus IT management. The combined solution has a return on investment of less than six months and has proven to reduce total drive-thru times by between 10 percent and 51 percent per hour.

Founded in 1993, Techknow develops and manufactures hardware, including order confirmation boards (OCBs), drive-thru timers and software solutions for drive-thru operations in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry in national and international markets.

Contacts: Richard Elliott, President