Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

It’s about halfway through the year and time to check in with each other. How are your campaigns going? Have you hit your KPIs? Where are you excelling? Where do you need to improve? As digital marketers, we’re constantly learning. So here are our top ten lessons we’ve learned over the past six months worth sharing:

1. Lean on experimentation.

Too many organizations are afraid of failure and stop themselves from trying something new. You’re only going to find the right strategy if you’re willing to experiment with an A/B test. Sometimes that means taking a risk, but you win either way. You’ll walk away with successful conversations or essential learnings for the next launch.

2. Know before you go (and write something online).

Some brands feel like they need to be part of every conversation. While it makes sense to have a vocal social media presence, you don’t have to reply to every tweet or join every hashtag. AdWeek reports that roughly “half of Twitter users believe brands that rely on humor feel outdated.” Instead of completely missing the mark on your social strategy, rely on your brand’s core values. Think to yourself, “Is this topic related to our brand? Do we have something meaningful to add to this conversation? Would our audience care if we had something to say?”

3. Watch the right digital marketing analytics.

It can be tempting to only pay attention to the analytics that makes your campaign look positive, but it’s more important to capture an accurate analysis. For example, web page impressions may look impressive on paper, but they rarely produce better results than actual on-page engagements.

4. Avoid making easy mistakes.

We can do simple things to ensure our campaigns don’t “trip at the finish line.” For example, you’d be surprised how many small, preventable mistakes stop an email campaign from effectively targeting an audience. From ignoring poor email reputation to using the wrong send cadence, develop a thorough QA process to catch those mistakes early.

5. Always evaluate your messaging alignment.

You don’t want to send mixed messages if you communicate through multiple digital channels. Sure, you might have slightly different strategies between a landing page or link building article, but consistency is still crucial. As content creators, we have learned that the messaging gets lost in the consumer journey without a common thread.

6. Use AI to personalize.

Did you know you can customize your website content and advertisements to your customers through Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Technology can gather user, historical and behavioral data to serve the exact content your audience needs to see.

7. Look for ways to optimize your process.

If you’re a leader in your organization, your job is to find ways to optimize your marketing process and allow your team to focus on what they do best. To do so, some may prefer adding to their tech stack. Others might look to an agency to fill the gaps in their expertise. No matter how you do it, optimization should always be top of mind. It’s a meaningful way to produce the best results without sacrificing the mental health of your employees.

8. Be open to new ideas.

Sometimes, we have to challenge our clients to try new things. More often than not, when we work together to explore new pathways, we find the right strategy that works. Sometimes, that means stepping outside of a comfort zone and trying a new PPC tactic or doubling down on SEO. No matter your plan, if you’d like to learn more about how we work and what we do, reach out to our team today.