Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

Content calendar templates are a great way to get organized with your content marketing, which takes good planning and strategic execution to be effective. They allow you to track your plan and the data, making it easier to stay on track and make intentional marketing decisions. Check out each download below along with why you should be using them.

Content Marketing Bundle

Content marketing requires planning, tracking and executing on both the publishing and sharing end of content marketing. This content marketing bundle will help guide your efforts, and includes the following templates:

The Content Planning Doc

This template makes it easier to plan out when various pieces of content will be published, with each piece tied to a goal and initial sharing schedule. If you have a hard time keeping content aligned with goals, this will be valuable for you.

Content planning template

The Content Sharing Doc

This doc takes the sharing a lot further, allowing you to plan content shared, date and time it’s shared and platform used. There is also room to write the caption ahead of time, making it easy for a 2-person team to tackle content sharing: the planning and the scheduling.

content sharing template

The Content Tracking Doc

To be used once each month or quarter, you can use this template to see whether you’ve made progress or not. It comes with a few built-in calculations for tracking month-over-month progress, and you can track the data points we find most valuable, use your own, or a mix of the two. We’ve suggested some extra ones for you as well.

content tracking doc

Download the content marketing templates that you need, to track by hand or use for inspiration. Better yet, fill out the form below to download all three sheets as Excel docs and start using digitally.