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Storing, processing, and accessing critical server-side data requires a well-organized hierarchical structure allowing users to access data quickly. This system provides better oversight over data flows, making it easier to secure essential assets and define access rights.

Aggregating information from various APIs, embedded applications, and social media sites make analyzing and improving services a breeze. Tracking user activities, finding operational vulnerabilities, and making needed adjustments are essential for website management. 

Google Tag Manager best practices give your business an edge in marketing campaigns and securing critical data. Data privacy is crucial for any company working with digital content, and a server-side tag manager is crucial in protecting it:

What Is a Server-Side Tag Manager?

Server-side tag managers are a powerful solution to data tagging, allowing companies to optimize performance and deploy their code within a centralized environment. Server-side tracking features include enterprise-level management, fast setup, and forward-thinking design choices.

Specialized applications for server-side processing also give advertisers more control over their data, and Google Tag Manager changes how that digital commerce takes place. Measuring the success of digital advertising campaigns allows businesses to reach more people with less effort and optimize their campaigns.

How Does a Server-Side Tag Manager Improve Privacy?

When it comes to user data, privacy is essential. Businesses need the most up-to-date methods for protecting digital assets in real-time. 

A server-side tag manager improves privacy by giving users control over their digital marketing capabilities. This tool leads to a more distilled approach to digital security that offers a unified vision of how tagging can work. 

What Can I Expect from Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager best practices result in a consolidated architecture that combines clarity and modern technology to create a privacy-focused environment for data processing.


When tagging data, it’s often difficult to get a clear picture of your data storage hierarchy. Google takes a more polished approach to its tagging solution. Google Tag Manager provides a comprehensive view of all tag and variable templates, so you know what’s happening behind the scenes.

Google Tag Manager best practices allow businesses to keep up with GDPR requirements and reliably deploy websites without losing track of data flows. There’s no better choice for continuous analytics coupled with a well-defined toolchain than a server-side tag manager.


For most businesses, critical data needs to be secured. This means having policies for defining and allocating data for storage while keeping track of user credentials and other important information. 

Google Tag Manager best practices give decision-makers a comprehensive system for defining and properly using data points. Cross-site tracking prevention through ITP and other browser-based protection also offers a secure environment for users that want to keep their data private. Data analytics, tagging, and processing are then secured with server-side data tagging.


Data privacy can be costly, and smaller businesses or those with limited resources may be unable to make the proper investments. This barrier makes it difficult for server-side operations to deal effectively with data. 

With a server-side tag manager, existing security solutions can be used alongside server-side deployments to improve performance, reliability, and security.

Integrated software environments allow you to build your long-term vision for growth without compromising stability. By implementing Google Tag Manager best practices, you’ll be able to mitigate many costs of maintaining new or existing equipment.

Protect Your Privacy with 10x Digital

Data privacy is crucial for businesses that work with digital content. This is especially true when working with user data. For many businesses, having the right solutions in place for server-side tag management can be challenging. 

That’s why 10x Digital is creating innovations and data-driven digital marketing solutions for a new generation of privacy-minded consumers. At 10x Digital, we understand the need for responsive service. We’ll get you more leads without sacrificing your creative vision. Contact us to find out more today!

Image Source: Key Features of Google Tag Manager, Google