10x digital specializes in healthcare marketing.

Through our 15-plus years’ experience with both B2B and B2C healthcare organizations, we understand these issues:

  • Healthcare trends, best practices;
  • Specialties from orthopedics and neurosurgery to obstetrics and optometry;
  • Dental practices;
  • Local as well as global healthcare organizations;
  • Many facets of healthcare—from meeting patients’ needs through insightful communications to marketing medical devices;
  • The sensitive nature of caring for people, including privacy and changing regulations;
  • Optimization of local listings;
  • Reputation management;
  • How to achieve national and local articles and high-ranking backlinks;
  • The inner workings of health trade publications and how to pitch story ideas to them;
  • Ratings and reviews;
  • Community relations in an ever-changing environment of mergers & acquisitions;
  • Much more.

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