10x digital marketing – exponential results

Two agencies with extensive digital and traditional marketing experience merged August 2015. With more than 20 years combined, 10x Group and RYP Marketing formed 10x digital to meet a void in the market.

We offer the sweet spot intersection of search marketing, public relations, strategic marketing to give you RESULTS in today’s and tomorrow’s ever-evolving digital marketing environment. The process for achieving a high ROI starts with analyzing your business, your goals and forming that bond, that relationship where we become your partner for success.

Our process

We use a customized approach with analytics to build leads and achieve high ROI. This process and our proven industry experience enable you to concentrate on your business and organization and leave the ‘always morphing’ digital marketing business (such as search engines’ daily algorithm changes and constantly evolving tools and metrics) up to us.

Lean on 10x’s expertise and proven results to score more awareness, more leads, more business.

What does 10x mean?

10x means marketing to the tenth power. As 10x digital we offer exponential service. Exponential results. We are hyper-focused on building relationships and responding to your needs PRONTO. We are with you every step of the way, working with you via your preferred form of communication—phone, email, text, Skype and whatever it takes to complete your project, provide top-notch service, to meet your goals with a high ROI. And no drama. Beautiful relationships are two-way, symbiotic and smooth, with a human touch and little or no automation, which is real plus and almost unheard in the digital marketing industry.

For many clients the end goal is simple: provide digital marketing that eases pain points and effortlessly markets and communicates the right message to the right audience. We are then here to ensure all of those efforts and our streamlined processes keep you ahead of the competition and build business.

What is a 10xer?

10x digital also believes in the 10xer study showing exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators or even disruptors are considered ‘10xers.’ 10xers are defined as those who excel even among difficult or chaotic or challenging circumstances because of a combination (typically) of skill, knowledge, perseverance and sweat equity. We at 10x hire 10xers who then help make companies and organizations ‘10xers.’ We help you differentiate your company’s strengths.