Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Account based marketing (ABM) is a comprehensive approach to targeting specific clients, with an intent to build credibility with and relationships with high-intent stakeholders. Through a mix of personalized, multi-channel campaigns and content, our marketing specialists can strategically impact your intended audience by generating meaningful touchpoints in the “nurture” stage of your sales funnel. An ABM approach requires a comprehensive strategy, including everything from industry-focused PR campaigns to personalized web content or multi-step email campaigns. 10x will give account based marketing tactics for higher conversion rates and new business.

Top 5 Benefits of ABM

  • Overall marketing and sales alignment
  • Primary goals:
    • New business generation
    • Lead generation
    • Pipeline acceleration
  • Relationship-focused approach to selling
  • Client retention
  • Faster sales cycles and improved conversion rates

Traditional Marketing vs Account Based Marketing

Not sure which marketing approach to take? Traditional marketing is all about volume; our focus is to build a large funnel of leads that we can nurture over time to help identify those who are close to conversion. Reversely, ABM begins with pre-determined target accounts and creates a personalized campaign to land and build on those specific relationships.

Insight Research

Every effective marketing campaign begins with audience research, target persona development and a behavior analysis. In order to successfully reach a specific audience, you need to have a strong understanding of who they are and how you can gain their trust. Keep in mind, one conversion often comes at the hands of five to ten stakeholders, from c-suite executives to mid-level decision influencers. We’re never targeting just one individual.

Content Development

To create a high-engagement campaign, it’s important to determine the right topics and delivery channels for execution. ABM strategies often involve a dynamic mix of content; interest is often built over time. Modern consumers do their own research, and strategically placed content can help link their problem to your solution. The content you bake into your “nurture” phase will prepare those audiences to continue the conversation with a seller.


A core principle of any ABM campaign is personalization. At 10x digital, our team of specialists will help you to develop hyper-targeted web content, social posts, thought leadership, blogs and campaigns that speak directly to your intended audience. Using your CRM and other software, we can tailor your target’s digital experience and serve them a message that builds credibility and aligns your brand message to their company’s objectives.

CRM Integration

Your CRM software shouldn’t be a data-dump with endless, unhelpful dashboards. Instead, we help our clients pivot their CRM tool to become a real-time indicator of new and existing client relationships. ABM campaigns and strategies can be linked to shared outcomes and funnels within that ecosystem to create visibility within your organization. An integrated CRM will also help you determine which tactics are working successfully, and others that may need to pivot.