If you’re not creating content, you’re putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage, and the data tells us why:

  • 72 percent of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic.
  • 200 million people use AdBlockers, which means your ads are less likely to be clicked on, much less seen, than they used to be.
  • While content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads

If your competitors are creating content, you’re missing out on traffic, brand impressions and sales—and not just for online businesses. Brick-and-mortar business has just as much to gain because 72 percent of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. If your content shows up in search, guess whose business they’re more likely to visit in five minutes?

The 10x Process

Our content writing services provide your business with an opportunity to increase traffic and sales. We help bring value to your website, your customers and your business and all it takes is three simple steps:

  1. We start by identifying your business goals to determine how our content can help you meet them, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  2. We run a content audit and create a plan based on what’s already working for you, where we see room for improvement, and how we can best target the overall goals we’ve already discussed. With that information, we’re able to create a content strategy and plan, which we execute for you.
  3. We bring the new content plan to life, checking back at least once a month to make sure everyone is still on the same page.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of content writing services that can be useful to you, including:

  • Lead pages/product pages
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Long-form content/articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics/interactive content

If you’re interested in getting amazing content on other sites to build your backlink profile as well, learn more about our link building services.

The 10x Content Writing Value

We work with writers from a wide variety of industries, allowing us to create expert content to tell your business or organization’s story and specific angles that matter to your customers or clients. Every final piece is edited by our in-house content expert, who has more than 10 years of experience in writing and editing.

Our process is always evolving, and we work side-by-side with you to make sure we’re able to change directions or update plans as needed. In the end, we help you create a large library of content to provide high SEO value, drive targeted traffic and boost your brand authority for years to come.

Content Marketing

Once you have optimized content (and lots of it), you need to aptly distribute it and amplify it. Otherwise, it’s like owning a beautiful diamond necklace that stays in a vault, never seeing the light of day.

If a deep analysis is done on where website traffic originates, many times it comes from sources other than organic traffic. Thus, marketing or targeted distribution and promotion of the content is critical for really maximizing its existence. There are three main types of content and a combination of these types is typically the best way to make it optimally work for you:

  • Paid – ads, sponsored content or basically media that’s placed and paid for
  • Owned – communication and content that is owned by a company—such as one’s website, blogs, and emails.
  • Earned – via a third-party editorial mentions from bloggers, journalists and other (hopefully) high-authority sites that share your content and/or backlinks to your site in these articles and mentions.

10x Content Marketing Process

Content that is on point is information your audience cares about. Communicating the right content to the right audience about your product or service is the core of successful content marketing strategy and execution. Linchpins of the process:

  1. Determine goals and buyer personas
  2. Analysis, including content audit
  3. Identify types of content
  4. Identify best types of distribution, including social media
  5. Create content calendar
  6. Integrate with overall marketing and business plan
  7. Analyze with pre-determined metrics

Don’t spend any more time trying to create content and distribution for your business. Let us do the hard work while you reap the benefits.