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How to Get Backlinks

If you don’t know the power of offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or backlinks or feel your company doesn’t use backlinks as it should, listen up. 10x digital can secure backlinks, mentions and articles on some of the nation’s highest-ranking sites and blogs. Also known as high Domain Authority (DA) sites. For the uninitiated, Google and other search engines want to see that your site has fresh and relevant content — with backlinks to reputable and high-ranking sites. And this is a long-term game.

Even if you’ve attempted a content and backlink strategy before and it’s fallen short of your expectations, here are some tips on how to score the backlinks suited for your industry. The right type of content and backlink strategy for your company and its sector can give you many benefits, including:

  • Increase your brand’s awareness;
  • Increase visitors;
  • Rank higher on search engines;
  • Increase your conversions;
  • Increase your revenue.

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Here are some best practices for high domain authority PR backlinks (the ones that search engines desire).

Analyze your competition. Use one of many tools such as to see what type of content and links your competition is scoring. If you’re lucky, some of your competitors may be in the dark about attaining backlinks. Even if you’re the first in your marketplace to capitalize on the power of backlinks, it won’t be long before the competition will be using a similar strategy to gain ground on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) front.
Analyze the content that’s ranking high for your keywords. This is a process best performed by professionals, but there are subscription tools to discover the best keywords both for your industry and content that’s trending for your product, service and/or market.
Get both creative and technical with your content. Scan your target publishers to see what type of information they like to cover and report on. At 10x this is a very important part of our content analysis and outreach process for backlinks.
Spend lots of time building relationships with editors and bloggers on high-ranking sites where you want your content and links published. Again, if you don’t have the time or experience in this realm, 10x has a long history and many relationships with creating content, pitching and scoring links with sought-after groups of publishers in various industries—from health, wellness and insurance to thought leadership, financial and resort verticals—just to name a few.

Continue this process to aim for a solid content and backlink strategy and execution. Of course these are the highlights, but achieving organic backlinks is a long-term strategy for SEO success and one that needs to be ongoing, not just tended to quarterly.

Learn more about how 10x digital can help position your company for organic, high-authority backlinks.

Some of the many sites that 10x has secured backlinks, articles, mentions and quotes for:

  • Wall St Journal
  • BuzzFeed
  • PBS
  • Modern Healthcare
  • Fortune
  • Forbes
  • Huffington Post
  • Time
  • Yahoo News
  • Washington Post
  • USA Today
  • Fast Company
  • Biz Insider

Payor Case Study

Score mid-high authority backlinks for a large Payor company

Case Study Preview

  • In 3 months scored 9 backlinks/articles with an average DA of 60
  • Uncovered untapped story angles and sources for PR/awareness
  • Notable placements include Harcourt Health, Reader’s Digest and Motley Fool