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While the early origins of artificial intelligence (AI) trace back decades, its use has grown exponentially over the past few years. These new AI tools, such as ChatGPT or Synesthesia, are bound to impact a number of industries, including healthcare. 

Recently, Holly Rollins, CEO of 10x Digital, shared her thoughts on how AI will affect healthcare marketing and discussed the benefits of AI in healthcare with other industry leaders. Here are just a few key takeaways from her remarks:

Uses for AI in Healthcare Marketing

Many digital marketing tools already include some form of AI, and they’re already doing more than you’d think. The real question is, how will you take advantage of this opportunity?

Think about it this way: AI chatbots could appear on your medical facility’s website, helping to answer client questions or schedule future appointments. Or, you could leverage AI to segment an email campaign into patient groups according to their medical conditions, demographics, and treatment needs to ensure everyone receives relevant communication.

In fact, AI can even extend to your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. You can use an AI-powered platform to identify content topics that align with your patient’s needs (and even develop the outline for a series of landing pages). Some platforms can also assist with keyword identification, eliminating much of the manual work many healthcare marketers typically take on.

But if that’s not enough, AI can also perform predictive analysis, which involves gathering historical data to outline trend forecasts or outcomes. You might use predictive analysis in your healthcare marketing efforts to identify what type of ad a patient is most likely to respond to or when they’re most likely to engage with.

Benefits of AI in Healthcare

So, if there’s one thing for sure, we know there are a million ways we can tap into AI in healthcare marketing. And the providers who recognize and take advantage of these opportunities sooner will get ahead of the game. But it’s not just about following a trend—AI has real long-term benefits.

Better Engagement with Patients

You want your patients to stick with you to treat their current and future medical conditions. Failure to maintain their health can lead to later issues and exacerbate pre-existing problems. But with AI, communication becomes much more manageable. 

You can implement an AI chatbot into your facility’s website, allowing patients to schedule their appointments according to their availability and automatically remind patients when it’s time for a visit. Your patients will appreciate the time they’ll save, as they’ll no longer need to sit on hold to reach your receptionist. 

Provide Relevant Content to Your Patients

You likely treat patients who have a variety of medical conditions. They may have unique needs and questions that healthcare providers must answer. Incorporating AI into your email marketing activities can better set your communications apart for specific patient groups.

For instance, if you have multiple clients with diabetes, sending a newsletter that discusses managing the condition, such as following a healthy diet and regularly taking medications, could be helpful. A patient that doesn’t have diabetes, however, wouldn’t find it relevant to them. You can use AI to segment your subscribers according to their needs. You can also use ChatGPT to generate the content, saving you time and headaches.

The Benefits of AI in Healthcare Marketing

While the release of ChatGPT in November 2022 certainly spurred the most attention, other tools offer significant advantages that healthcare providers are wise to pay attention to. If you’d like to learn more about implementing AI into your healthcare marketing strategy, reach out to our team at 10x digital.