You may have heard of influencer marketing or even seen it in action before. Marketers use it as a way of penetrating the market using the voice of an influential person, rather than that of the brand. Teami Blends is a business that consistently uses this as a marketing strategy as well as Hello Fresh and many others.

Influencer marketing can be used to broaden your reach as a brand, facilitate high-value product reviews with people whom consumers trust and boost or repair brand reputation. There are many ways to facilitate this marketing strategy, allowing us to cater the work to your needs. These options include:

  • Instagram takeover;
  • Blogger product reviews;
  • Social media promotion;
  • Brand advocacy;
  • Product roundups;
  • YouTube interviews;
  • YouTube product reviews;
  • Outreach to other industry influencers.


We’ve helped clients with influencer marketing in a wide range of industries, from retail fitness and outdoor furniture to B2B clients such as real estate/development. Every time our tried and true process allows us to find the greatest opportunities. We work with you to:

  • Determine target market; how niche can we get?
  • Decide on influencer format (I.E. blog reviews vs. social media mentions);
  • Identify bloggers or social media influencers who will be a good fit;
  • Compare options to narrow and find the most valuable opportunities;
  • Execute, track and follow up.

To make this more impactful, we recommend pairing your product influencer marketing with a hashtag and a few influencer requirements. For example, a yoga retail brand might want to send a full yoga outfit to 15 influential bloggers. Their blogger requirements might be:

  • You must have at least one photograph of you wearing the outfit in the review;
  • You must include one of the photos we’ve sent in the review;
  • You must share the review on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, including a high-quality image;
  • Use #YogaFit, #GetYogaFit or #YogaFit4Everyone wherever appropriate.

These process and requirements ensure you’ll get the greatest results from our efforts. If you’re ready to get your product into the hands of influencers, get in touch. We’re excited to hear from you.