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Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a relatively young marketing service in the century-old world of marcom. It’s morphing daily — or almost as quickly as the latest search engine algorithm updates.

In short, influencer marketing uses influencers or people who have a large following on different social media platforms to promote or endorse certain products or services. Ideally the best influencer marketing will be comprised of an analysis of the competition, the market and engaging the best influencers in that space to bring awareness and thus conversions or purchases of the products or services you’re hocking.



  • First 10x analyzes the competition, market and potential market of the product or service to be marketed.
  • Then after budgets are determined, 10x will setup influencer marketing campaigns to engage A, B and/or C influencers (depending on the budget and goals) of the client. Some campaigns are more geared to microinfluencers, which 10x is also highly experienced in.
  • We then identify the social media influencer marketing to reach these objectives.

To Swag or Not to Swag

There are different types of influencer tactics, depending on the nature of the product. For example, many influencers will share the merits of a product and how it improves their lives of meets a need. Many influencers thus expect giveaways or swag boxes they can share on their feed or social media via photos, videos or posts and mentions. Many will do an unboxing of the item or goods in their box—real time. 10x will assess the best way to reach the optimal influencers with the best tactics and we even provide fulfillment of creative swag boxes if needed.


Messaging, Authenticity & Integrity

We do all of the heavy lifting for the client adhering to your company’s branding and messaging standards. We also spend the time to educate influencers so that the messaging they deliver is as authentic as possible. Transparency and authenticity are critical for successful and impactful influencer marketing. We also work diligently to deliver influencer marketing with high integrity.

Metrics are Important

And of great importance– we work with the client to analyze influencer marketing stats or metrics for conversions and ROI tracking. This process and our proven industry experience enable you to concentrate on your business and organization while we focus on the time-consuming task of comprehensive influencer marketing.