This is one of many terms for practicing public relations in the digital age. For many, PR outreach is considered achieving high-quality articles with backlinks. Learn more

There are many reasons, but to simplify, there are two MAIN types of SEO-onsite and offsite. First, you need onsite ALWAYS to make sure your site is a fine-tuned machine. Onsite is the optimizing that professional digital strategists excel at. It’s best to leave
this type of mechanics to the experts as search engines such as Google tweak their algorithms daily. Offsite is covered in the previous answer—basically offsite is PR outreach. Learn more

If you want first-page search results that are focused on your niche or target customer and quick awareness and results when people search certain terms, the PPC campaigns give you that and much more. Google ads to Facebook and other social channel advertising can integrate with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy or be a stand-alone method to sales conversions (in certain cases only). Learn more

Content Marketing, or creating and publishing or distributing relevant, consistent content that tells a unique story setting your brand and product or service apart from the competition. The first goal is creating the best content for your industry that is replete with optimal keywords. The next step is a content calendar followed by special delivery of this content via the marketing –to the right channels—from targeted social media to bloggers. Learn more

Yes, we offer all digital marketing services—web design and development, content creation, content marketing, public relations, PR outreach, backlinks, SEO, LSEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, app development, online reputation management, conversion marketing or CRO, among many other services. Basically, if it’s digital marketing, we can do it or give you a referral if we can’t tackle your project. About 10x digital

Yes we were founded on traditional (we are 15+ years old) but began content marketing strategy and then full-service digital strategies and tactics full-time, in-house with our merger in 2015. Traditional marketing services include: media placement, local
or regional public relations, community relations, some event management, print management, video production.

Our core services, including our distinguished organic link building and PR outreach division, is US-based. We are headquartered in the US in Greenville SC with offices in Charlotte NC and a satellite office in London. Contact us