Creating a website is much more than uploading copy and photos on the Internet. Whether you are creating a new site or revamping an old one, 10x is there for you! Using the latest technology with years of expertise producing sites, you can trust us to meet your needs, goals and create conversations for both awareness and leads. We ask the important questions to analyze where you want to be to ensure your site is mobile responsive, scalable and will differentiate you from the competition.

The 10x Process

  • Analysis or discovery, including benchmarking, keywords
  • Integration of brand/marketing strategy
  • Develop sitemap
  • Content analysis with resulting content plan
  • Action plan/schedule
  • Wireframes or schematics for approval
  • Beta site
  • Baseline SEO
  • Live to the public

Depending on your overall goals, schedule, budget, we highly suggest a UX study during the initial analysis and process.

UX-User Experience

User experience (UX) is one of the hundreds of factors used by search engines to determine whether or not to show your site to people searching for the products or services your business provides. UX clues your website may be giving, for example:

If your website is ranked number one in Google, but people consistently click on it and then click back to search engines, that’s an indicator that your website is not providing the value it claims to. This is similar to time on page—if people consistently spend minimal time on your website, Google will see that as a negative ranking factor.

If those signals don’t show that your website is solving the searcher’s problem, you’re likely going to suffer in search results. This can be detrimental to your bottom line, hurting profits and brand equity in the process. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Our web design and user experience services provide you with a site that gives potential visitors exactly what they’re looking for. To determine the changes your website needs, we do research and testing, which we use to:

  • Create personas
  • Determine potential drawbacks in current experience and flow of site
  • Identify ideal clients’ needs and how those can be addressed on the site
  • Create all content (graphics, written, and interactive) that you need

All of this is then put into a plan to improve content, overall site flow and even on-site SEO metrics, the latter of which we often pair web design. Making necessary changes to your on-site SEO allows us to ensure your site is sending all the right signals to Google via metadata, internal linking, sitemap structure and much more.

Here are some websites we’ve created for clients:
CouponBox Kid Kindness

If you’re ready to drive more traffic and score more sales, give us a call or fill out the form at the top right of this page.