Innovation & data-driven digital marketing.

Web Design & Development

The design and development of a company’s website is one of the most critical elements of both a business and marketing plan. 10x digital has more than 20 years’ experience developing and designing sites with multiple features in more than 30 industries.

We also stress that customer experience and considerable analysis are the two primary components of a successful site. This foundational work should be outlined well before the first site map or wireframes are created. (note process below).

Website design

10x digital believes fresh design that connotes your brand at a glance, carries tremendous clout and value — well beyond just a pretty image.

Website development

10x creates websites via most languages, from wordpress to drupal. We offer:


  • Full-stack web development focused with design and platforms for an excellent customer journey and experience.
  • Backend web development
  • Full-stack web & mobile development
  • Content (including photography and videos)
  • Blogs
  • Content management systems
  • CRM integration
  • Addition of plugins and features such as:
    • Conversational marketing
    • Ecommerce
    • On-site SEO
    • Most others depending objectives/industry

Our Process: high level

  • Analysis of your existing site
  • Competitors benchmarking
  • Objectives/scope outline
  • Content direction
  • CRO assessment
  • Timeline
  • Wireframes
  • Beta
  • Initial SEO
  • Site launch

EPOCH Case Study

Design and develop a high performing website and PPC campaign

Case Study Preview

“We started with a new site and no awareness. In just 4 months, 10x helped us place on page 1 with their CRO work and comprehensive digital strategy.”
Amanda Stewart, Epoch