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Conversion Rate Optimization


The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) process simply means: increasing the percentage of website visitors who convert into your customers. It’s mission-critical for your website to perform at the highest level to meet the expectations and needs of your target audience all while converting them into repeat customers. A well-optimized website will improve user experience and act as an engaged salesperson while your real team is offline, thus increasing your conversion rates.


Conversions are tracked when visitors perform set desired actions on a website. These actions may include: making purchases, filling out contact forms, registering for events, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, visiting specific pages or a range of other desired behaviors. Tracking conversions is essential in gauging the success of a website and ROI of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Our Conversion Rate Optimization process includes industry-standard practices as well as out-of-the-box strategies that deliver results. 10x digital can assist with the following:

Identify Customers

Who is your audience? A focus on your marketing message, your target audience and buyer personas to ensure every aspect of your digital marketing program is well positioned to maximize the chances of conversion.

Identify Website Goals

What are the primary goals of the website and points of contact? We will work together to determine the actions and behaviors that should be tracked as conversions.

Usability Analysis

Is the user experience adequate? Through analytics, eyeball tracking and other tools, we will measure and analyze users’ behavior and experience on your website. Targeted modifications will be implemented to improve the user experience and increase sales.

E-Commerce Optimization

Is the checkout process easy for customers? Refine the visitor’s experience during checkout to eliminate barriers and increase their motivation to complete the purchase.

Landing Page Optimization

Are visitors bouncing too often? Research shows that a website has only a few seconds to make a good first impression. We will optimize the site’s landing pages (the first page the user sees) to grab the user’s attention and increase visitor performance.

Split Testing (A/B Testing)

Are pages on the website performing to their potential? We will use A/B testing and multivariate testing to implement measured improvements in user experience and sales messaging to drive a higher conversion rate.

Use Social Proof

Is the website promoting reputability? Social proof, such as testimonials and media mentions, can be powerful tools for boosting conversion rates when strategically implemented.

Case Study: LIV Student

Improve the performance of existing Google Ads campaigns

Case Study Preview

  • Conversion rate increased by 126% YOY
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 78%
  • Average cost per click decreased by 50%