Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

International CEO ORM Case Study

Published positive, true content to rectify,
rebuild and maintain online reputation.


A CEO with old negative online defamations–from a former (unjustified and unsubstantiated) disgruntled business partner–needed help in securing sites and publishing positive, true content to rectify and rebuild his reputation.


After 10x did its analysis, we created a content strategy, calendar and ongoing content about his businesses, the companies’ wonderful stories and his own philanthropic efforts.


In the short-term we pushed the negative posts far beyond the search engines’ first page search results for his and his companies’ names and terms. For the longer-term, our content strategy included keyword-rich, consistent content on sites and different platforms as well as an organic and robust linkbuilding campaign. Now his and his companies reputations are much better reflected and positioned online, helping not only their reputation but their potential for revenue and growth.