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B2B events (virtual or in-person) are powerful ways to connect with potential clients or consumers. Instead of hoping that someone reads your email or takes your call, you have their full attention.

But to get the most out of your hours of preparation, you need to ensure that attendees have a clear motivation and path to engaging (and re-engaging) with your business. More often than not, the content does the heavy lifting here. To expand your content marketing approach, our team of experts at 10x digital have compiled these essential tactics:

Before the Event

To carry out a successful event, you must do more than fill seats. Your communication ahead of time should build momentum, anticipation, and interest for the upcoming experience:

Tactic #1: Email

Drip campaigns are valuable tools to excite attendees about what is to come. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience too early, but thoughtfully use email content to help them prepare for the experience. Whether outlining the parking options or providing an event schedule, you can keep your attendees up-to-date on the latest information.

Tactic #2: Paid Media

Are you struggling to get attendees? Depending on your specific event, you can tap into paid media to get the word to a particular audience on desktop or mobile channels.

Tactic #3: Personal Network Social Content

Too often, we forget the power of our team’s social network. Encourage employees to reshare your company’s pre-event social content with their following. Be sure to re-share future attendees’ posts expressing excitement about the event on your company’s social channels.

Tactic #4: Thought Leadership

Think about the topics or ideas you hope to have with potential partners or clients at your event. What kind of adjacent content could help drive excitement for these conversations ahead of time? For example, if you are hosting an event on improving manufacturing, release thought leadership content on how your company has optimized your building processes over the past year to improve your delivery to clients.

During the Event

Just because the event has started doesn’t mean your content marketing team can take a break. Content has the power to enhance your event’s webinars, seminars, and meetings:

Tactic #5: Digital Takeaways

Have you attended an event or conference and immediately thrown away the “swag” you received? Instead of giving gifts attendees won’t keep, give them digital takeaways. For example, Big Health, a digital therapeutics organization, provided event visitors with QR codes to leave a donation during the event. No matter how you do it, don’t just give your attendees something that will end up in the trash.

Tactic #6: Shareable Social Content

Keep your social team on deck throughout the event, creating assets with memorable, shareable quotes or ideas. Respond to social content from attendees and engage in equal parts IRL and social conversation.

Tactic #7: Content Recaps and Notes

Taking notes can help us remember our favorite parts of a compelling conversation or presentation. But sometimes, it’s easy to focus so hard on taking notes and forget to be present and engage with the speaker. To help your attendees stay connected to what’s happening at your B2B event (and not miss out on a single thing), offer content recaps through your website to keep everyone up to date.

After the Event

Once you’ve given your team a little time to decompress, it’s time to follow up on the event. There are several tactics you can employ to make the most of your work and reconnect with attendees:

Tactic #7: Email Follow-Ups

Let’s start with the no-brainer. Send follow-up emails to all attendees asking for feedback on the event or thanking them for their time. To go the extra mile, offer recipients value, like early access to future events or valuable digital downloads.

Tactic #8: Thank You “Surprise and Delight”

Want to go the extra mile? Turn your event’s content into a sendable magazine or coffee table book. Or maybe send a video brochure with a highlight reel and a digital download of all the session content. Was there any swag you abandoned for the event but still want to send? Find a unique way to “surprise and delight” attendees and remind them how much they enjoyed your B2B event.

Tactic #9: Blog Content

Don’t forget to use your blog to recap the event! You can share a blog link on social channels, partner websites, or any number of channels. Create high-value, people-first content that will resonate with attendees and non-attendees alike.

Making the Most of Your B2B Events

Do you have a vision for your next B2B event but are unsure how content marketing fits into the equation? Our team is here to help. The content experts at 10x understand how to integrate effective content into your business goals and expand your B2B audience. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you level up your next event!