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Today, many B2B companies rely on marketing automation to drive conversion outcomes. But it’s not unusual for these solutions to fall short of expectations—and when you don’t see an  immediate return on investment, it’s easy to feel like giving up.

But when it works as planned, marketing automation gets impressive results. So, what is the secret to getting it right? Don’t implement your automation without a clear long-term plan.

Integrating automation into your marketing mix is possible; you only need the right approach. It’s not time to give up on B2B marketing automation just yet. Instead, try to implement the 3 three strategies outlined in this article:

What is B2B Marketing Automation?

This strategy uses apps, software, or other tools to manage specific tasks to reduce manual labor and improve targeting with intelligent data. Modern B2B marketing automation can also reduce inevitable human errors. Your team can plan and execute ad campaigns, social media, email marketing, and other tasks for the future through software.

Improve Your B2B Marketing with 3 Automation Strategies

Not sure where you’re going wrong or where to get started? Our team of experts outlined three tips to help you get more out of automation tools and identify places where automation efforts will genuinely pay off:

1. Boost Email Automation with Flows

Email automation can help you save time composing individual emails and avoid making common email marketing mistakes. But how do you use this tool in a way that allows you to get the best possible results?

Start by creating automation flows. You use these flows to map a series of sequential emails with recipient engagements and triggers. An example flow could appear as:

  • Step 1: Send a cold prospecting email
  • Step 2: Wait for a response for 24 hours
  • Step 3A: Prospect responds positively → pass lead onto the sales team
  • Step 3B: Prospect responds negatively → no further emails
  • Step 3C: Prospect doesn’t respond → re-engage with a relevant video

When you have flows defined and planned, you will be better able to use your email marketing software to move potential customers closer to conversion.

2. Trigger Conversions Based on Prospect Action

Thanks to dynamic content, you can present different calls to action to potential clients based on the steps they have just taken. 

For example, if a prospect has just finished watching a product demonstration video, you could pop up a lead capture form. If a consumer spends time browsing a service page, you could display a message at the bottom of the screen offering a link to download a free trial.

This approach is ideal for seizing opportunities further to engage potential customers at just the right moment. You can create leads and move them further down the sales funnel by catching them with relevant content at times of high interest.

3. Give Leads Information They Need Quickly with Chatbots

It’s frustrating when prospects drop out of the sales funnel due to bad timing. Sometimes this is unavoidable; the issue may be on the customer’s end. But in some cases, the fault falls on how we’ve prepared for this exact moment.

Imagine if a prospect has questions about a service you offer and can’t find the answer on your website. You’re out of luck with no content and an unavailable support team. So, eventually, the consumer chooses to engage with one of your competitors and find what they need. It becomes a potential consumer that you never got to reach.

Now, imagine if you had implemented a sales and support chatbot. With this technology, prospects could get answers to basic questions about your products, receive recommendations, download information, and even schedule sales calls.

Build Up Your Own B2B Marketing Automation Strategy

Are you struggling to make marketing automation pay off for your brand? These are just a few powerful strategies that can increase your return on your investment in automation—but it’s not everything that can maximize your marketing.

The team at 10x digital can help you integrate these strategies into your digital marketing efforts. We’ll also assist you in uncovering other powerful marketing strategies to help you achieve your B2B sales goals. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!