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Hey, Google, how do I expand my company’s reach to new audiences?” Take a moment and think to yourself: how many times a day do I ask for help from my smart devices? Whether it’s to check the weather, set a timer, find a new restaurant or even ask who won the World Series in 1994. Long gone are the days where you’re only typing your request into a mobile device or laptop.

Data from Gartner suggests that roughly 30 percent of all web browsing from consumers comes through voice-activated search, with 58 percent of consumers using that same tool to find local businesses. How does Google know which answer to supply? The answer lies in understanding the Google answer box—and using the right voice search optimization services to get there.

What is the Google answer box?

Google’s selection process for the perfect answer to a question isn’t dramatically different whether it’s done via a typical search method or voice-activated. Based on a system of keywords, locations and site ranking, Google provides users with what it believes is the best answer.

For example, if someone searches, “Where can I find home restoration services?”, the algorithm will provide a series of results, highlighting the best answer at the top of the page. The top response is selected and designated based on restoration companies in the user’s area and the quality of their website content.

Google mines for these answers in the same way in a voice-activated search environment. Depending on the user’s query, Google reads off a partial snippet of text from the best response to their question. This top answer lies in what we call the Google “answer box,” or rather, the golden position for getting your customer’s attention.

How do I optimize my content for voice-activated answers?

The art of ranking high on Google’s priority list isn’t based on luck; rather, it’s a calculated process of combining meaningful research with engaging content to build your company’s digital influence. We know that sounds easier said than done, but it is possible! 

For starters, here are four key areas of focus to get into the Google answer box:

  • Know your audience: If you don’t know what your audience is searching for on the web, how do you build a strategy to find them? A clear, defined target audience is important to leverage as you build a Google voice answer strategy. You don’t want to be everyone’s top answer; you want to be the top answer for consumers who are ready to engage.
  • Perform keyword research: SEO and keyword research are critical to creating high-ranking content on Google (in both the standard and voice environments). If you’re not honed in on the correct vocabulary, you might be letting your competitors rank above you on high-traffic keywords that close business.
  • Execute a web audit: Google won’t pay attention to your website if it’s not reputable, safe and effective. Based on the updated experience ratings, Google will not prioritize your content unless it’s a mobile-friendly and high-performing environment.
  • Launch targeted internal and external content: To successfully outrank your competitors, develop content strategies that build libraries of information on and around your website. While internal messaging solidifies your brand, content that mentions you across the internet in media placements builds credibility.

Is my business ready beyond-the-box?

If you’ve done all the work to become Google’s top answer, you better be ready when they arrive at your website (or even physical location). You can lose traffic as quickly as it’s gained if the experience at the end of the journey is underwhelming. 

The experts at 10x digital not only offer voice search optimization services that attract your potential clients/customers, but we also build strategies that keep them engaged beyond the first click. Whether you’re interested in improving your SEO rank or building out a robust content strategy, our team is ready to help you elevate your digital influence and become the permanent top answer. Get in touch today!