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Artificial intelligence has made enormous leaps in recent years. This software transforms how companies interact with an audience, employees streamline workflow, and consumers search for information. But as we’ve seen in these last few months, that only begins to scratch the surface of AI and machine learning’s capabilities. 

With the launch of AI marketing tools, such as ChatGPT, in 2022, machine learning can now produce written content in a format that resembles everyday speech. This advancement has copywriters asking: “Will AI replace human-generated content?” Or, more to the point: “Are my skills about to become irrelevant?”

A recent survey shows that 45 percent of marketers spend half their time on content creation during the week. Eighty-eight percent feel AI marketing software can save their business time and money. But remember, AI has limitations (and that’s where you need to step in). Here’s what to know about this new tech and how to use it to enhance your role:

Why AI Marketing Won’t Entirely Replace Human Copywriters

The main benefit of using AI to produce content is its efficiency. All you have to do is input a basic query into the platform, and AI technology will automate a blog post, article, e-newsletter, or social media caption in a fraction of the time. However, while speed is undeniably convenient, AI marketing can’t replace authentic human content. According to the survey referenced above, this software tends to fall short in the following areas: 

  • Only 41 percent of marketers feel that AI content is trustworthy and credible;
  • Only 40 percent of marketers feel that AI content is original and relevant;
  • Only 39 percent of marketers feel that AI content is compelling and personalized;
  • Only 34 percent of marketers feel that AI content is accurate and error-free.

In other words, AI can extract information on a subject from online sources and organize that information into a cohesive piece of content. The outcome is an educational, entertaining post, but even the most intuitive machine-learning tool can’t replicate an actual human brain’s unique nuance, personality, and creative expression. Plus, it can only communicate on a surface level, so if consumers want to dive deep into a specific topic, AI content won’t necessarily meet their needs.

There’s also the issue of plagiarism to consider—AI technology is innovative, but it’s not infallible. If machine learning compiles data in an article but neglects to cite the sources, your content will plagiarize someone else’s work (albeit unintentionally).

How to Use AI Marketing to Streamline Your Content Creation

Ultimately, complete reliance on AI marketing for content creation is not an effective or successful tactic in the long run. Still, it can be helpful to optimize your overall content strategy. Here’s how you can leverage AI as a copywriter: 

  • Focus on AI for short-form content. Machine learning is ideal for churning out quick content. AI can generate this in a snap, whether that’s a social media caption, website blurb, meta tag, or product description. Automating short-form content will allow you to concentrate on the more extensive, in-depth material.
  • Use AI to brainstorm topic ideas. If you’re unsure what to write about, AI marketing tools can help you determine which topics are trending in your niche or which issues are most visible in the SERP rankings. These insights will keep your content ideas fresh.
  • Perform keyword research with AI. SEO-driven keywords are essential if you want your content to rank high in search results. AI streamlines SEO research to generate a list of relevant, topical keywords or phrases for your target audience. 
  • Formulate an AI-generated outline. While you shouldn’t use AI to produce long-form articles or content, it can do some preliminary work. Once you choose a topic and select a few keywords, plug this information into the AI marketing platform, and it’ll create an outline. Now, you just have to structure it into a post. 

AI Marketing Tools and Marketers Can Work Together

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, but this does not mean copywriting skills will soon become obsolete. There’s no substitution for the complexity and creativity of the human mind, so take a deep breath—robots are not about to replace your job. And you certainly shouldn’t bank on robots replacing a marketing team. With that said, AI marketing tools can automate certain parts of the content creation workflow. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the content marketing specialists here at 10x Digital. We’ll help you harness this technology as it continues to roll out in 2023.