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Reviews are a critical component of marketing for any business. While popular in retail, don’t be lulled into thinking that reviews are only for direct to consumer businesses. B2B reviews are just as important, if not more. B2B companies tend to have transactions that are a much higher dollar amount with a longer sales cycle. shares that B2B reviews offer a way to bring authenticity and trust into the process.

Research shows that 93 percent of customers will read an online review before deciding to do business with a company. More and more potential clients will look for a review prior to contacting a vendor.

So now that we’ve established how important B2B reviews are, how does a business that solely serves other businesses go about getting reviews?

Use Review Sites

To start, if you’re not already listed on one of the many review sites out there, sign up for different sites that hit a variety of your target customers. CompareCamp,, G2 Crowd, and are examples of B2B review sites. These particular sites are more focused on software platforms and technology businesses within the B2B industry but are a good place to start searching for reputable sites. Many of these sites walk you through the set-up process and help you collect reviews. The Better Business Bureau is another trusted site that consumers turn to for reliable information about businesses of all types.

Plan a Marketing Blitz

One of the best ways to gather reviews is to take a targeted approach, much like any other marketing campaign. Develop signage for your business location for in-person customers. Create graphics and copy to regularly post on all social media channels, along with a banner on your website. Some review sites even offer widgets that you can add to your site; they’ll direct traffic right to your listing.

Use your email marketing as well to request customer reviews. An effective tactic is to send an email post-purchase, or as a follow-up to a service. Thank the client for their business and ask for feedback via a review. This way their experience will be fresh and front of mind.

Don’t be Afraid of Negative Reviews

Though many businesses worry about negative reviews, they give you and your business an opportunity to see where you can improve. Make sure to respond to any review that’s not positive. Responses show that you value all feedback, and take steps to remedy any subpar experiences.

Negative reviews also tend to add a little credibility to your listing. If viewers see nothing but positive accolades, sometimes they think the reviews are disingenuous. A few less-than-stellar reviews with responses can actually go further for your business than a good review can do alone. Further, clients can also revise reviews once you address a situation—which will prove that you value customer service and relations.

Just Ask!

It may sound too simple, but sometimes the best way to get a review from a customer is simply to ask for one. Ensure that your staff knows to encourage feedback via review sites. For clients that you know were satisfied with your business—reach out personally.

Ready to get more B2B Reviews?

B2B reviews do not have to be complicated to implement into your existing marketing strategy. Make it simple and easy for your customers or clients to leave a review—include links on your emails, invoices, and website. A diverse amount of reviews on your industry’s trusted review platforms will increase new business and promote a healthy brand perception for your organization!