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What’s going on with social media marketing in 2020? This year is pivotal in terms of socio-cultural events, business adaptations and overall human interaction. Amid a global pandemic, rallies for equal justice and a divisive political landscape—social media plays an integral role. Moreover, with so many people still at home due to COVID-19, an estimated 3.96 billion people use social media, more than 50 percent of the world’s entire population, according to Hootsuite.

Because platforms have an enormous audience reach, social media marketing in 2020 is an even more lucrative tool for brands. More people than ever are tuned into current issues and looking for safe ways to digitally connect. As such, social media provides an opportunity for business owners to serve their existing customers/clients while also increasing visibility with new audiences. 

Below, we explain four ways that current events changed the landscape with actionable tips for businesses to adapt and bolster their 2020 social media strategy.

Be Agile, Flexible and Responsive to Shifting Tides

Sales trends, news cycles, algorithm updates and changing consumer habits mean there’s one constant in digital marketing—change. To ensure your brand is relevant and responsive to new developments, you must adopt an agile mindset. Recent reports show that 53 percent of agile organizations achieve faster marketing results and 98 percent experience more successful projects.

With social media marketing in 2020 (when the word “unprecedented” is practically a buzzword), your head is likely on a constant swivel. From Blackout Tuesday to cancel culture to the overwhelming need to be politically and culturally correct, it can be overwhelming. 

Adapt your social media: Take a deep breath, know that your business can’t—and shouldn’t—respond to all social trends. Focus on your lane. Be open to shifting or pausing your strategy accordingly. When in doubt, consult an expert or seek advice from a partner business. Read our crisis management guide for more tips on adapting digital strategy in response to current climates.

Practice Inclusion in Both the Visuals and Messages

Cultural awareness of diversity and inclusion grew tremendously in 2020, which is a positive, crucial step in the right direction. A joint survey from Google and The Female Quotient found that consumers are 64 percent more likely to follow a brand’s call-to-action when the post that accompanies it feels inclusive. You need to promote content that represents all races, gender identities, body shapes, religions, sexual orientations, socioeconomics, physical abilities and age brackets.  

Adapt your social media: While that might seem like a tall order, start small. Audit your current brand presence and notice what stock photos you use, experts you quote or the audience you speak to. Slowly start expanding your horizon to be more inclusive and diverse. 

Read CMI general manager Stephanie Stahl’s brilliant article on how content marketers can do better to represent equality. 

Get Creative with Some Different Forms of Content  

If your team is working from home, this is the ideal time to experiment with a new content medium. For instance, if most of your social media posts have been image- or text-based in the past, create some video material for your feed. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, Facebook Live viewership increased by 50 percent, notes Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook App. 

Adapt your social media To capitalize on this trend, ask a different team member each week to film a Facebook or Instagram live stream. If going live makes them too nervous, they can always pre-record and edit the video. For topics, speak about recent challenges faced by your team, product or service updates, WFH tips—the possibilities are endless!

Not only does this freshen your content, but it also boosts team collaboration. Don’t worry about it being polished or professional. We’re all at home and authentic content performs better with audiences.     

Tap into New Digital Audiences 

Based on the Digital 2020 Global Snapshot Report, social media consumption increased by 10 percent this past year. That translates to one million accounts created and around 12 new users every second. Again, this is thanks to social distancing and other pandemic side effects. The climate is ripe for your business to connect with an audience segment who, until recently, wasn’t online. 

Adapt your social media: Brainstorm original and unconventional ways to interact with this fresh demographic—be communicative, authentic, entertaining and show the human side of your brand. This type of real content earns your audience’s trust, which is directly related to customer satisfaction, Deloitte confirms.

Social Media Marketing 2020: A Whole New World 

We all know social media is an essential component of digital marketing and brand presence; however, 2020 has made it all the more challenging. Despite that, your business can’t afford to ignore it—53 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that’s active and transparent on social platforms, according to Sprout Social. Additionally, 86 percent consider transparency to be more crucial than ever in today’s climate. 

The best way to stay current, relevant, and appropriate, while also taking advantage of new online audiences, is to remain aware. Social media management in 2020 is not an easy job, so give yourself or the marketing staff responsible more support and grace during this time.

Most importantly, understand that social media isn’t something you can dip your toes into without prior experience and quickly see results. Now, more than ever, you need expert assistance to succeed in this space. 

Contact the 10x digital team to discuss how you can adapt and optimize your social media strategy!