Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

If you’re in a leadership role at your organization, you’re likely already in the thick of planning. Between mapping out your revenue forecasts, employee initiatives and growth goals, it’s easy to get buried under all the details. This year, we encourage you to step back and develop unique new year’s resolutions to supplement your strategy, as well as garner excitement for your 2021 business goals. 

If you’re on board to think outside the box with your company’s new year’s resolutions, we’ve got five options to spark inspiration. ✨

1. Make Mental Health a Key Priority

While it’s common to include mental health resources in an employee benefits package, organizations can set themselves apart in the coming year by creating a robust, multi-faceted mental health program. 

“One of the best ways to create a culture that supports mental health is to ensure people experience their jobs in a meaningful and purposeful way,” shared Tomas Chamorro Premuzic, ManpowerGroup Chief Talent Scientist. “This can be achieved by giving employees autonomy and resources. If your team experiences support and independence, and [knows] that you trust them to do what they ought to do, they will generally be happier at work, which will reduce the risk of mental health problems.”

Meet COVID-related mental health challenges head-on in 2021. Help employees understand their benefits and coverage (specifically mental health). In addition, encourage them to use them. Promote taking PTO and maintaining work-life balance. You could even consider an office-wide health challenge (mental health starts with all-body wellness). 

2. Think Beyond Traditional Sales Methods

Just because your sales team drives leads through a calculated, data-driven approach doesn’t mean they can’t be creative. Client acquisition and retention are still foundationally built on two key principles: human connection and product efficacy. Drive your sales team to connect with clients through unique, personalized methods to lead them to your solution or product.

For starters, considering leveraging a corporate gifting platform to provide memorable gifts to prospective clients. Based on service coverage factors, customer service, API integration, scalability, pricing, personalization and goal-alignment, there are a variety of platforms that can be easily built into your existing customer journey.

3. Bring in Extra Marketing Support

It’s no secret that your company’s digital brand presence is an indicator of long-term success. The pandemic created a virtual-first business environment that depends on targeted content, cohesive branding, marketing strategy, online reputation management, eCommerce and digital lead generation (to name a few). 

Instead of trying to overwhelm your in-house team with new marketing-centric outcomes, collaborate with outside partners to ramp up your approach. You’re the expert on your brand; they’re the expert on translating that vision to a digital consumer.

4. Focus on Your Market Share

Hand-in-hand with an effort to ramp up marketing efforts, focusing on your percentage market share will become a valuable metric to monitor in 2021. Your market share is determined by the percentage of control your organization, products or services have in your specific industry. Determining benchmark goals and effective strategies to pursue growth relies heavily on competitive analysis, strong customer relationships, brand awareness and strategic hiring. 

If you’re in a competitive space, ask your business development team to research where your unique value proposition (UVP) lies. Or rather, ask about the differentiating factor between you and a competitor.

5. Adapt to New Technology 

Whether you’ve got a teenager in the house, or you’re just dialed into internet culture, you’ve probably seen a TikTok dance or two. Every year, new platforms—like TikTok—emerge and challenge the way we do business. Product marketing, awareness and client engagement strategies will naturally shift as these new tools grow among our target consumer base. 

Depending on your audience, service and marketing strategy, don’t shy away from testing new platforms to expand your business approach. If you’re wary of new technology, engage marketing experts to help you determine the best direction for your specific situation.

2021: Your Fresh Start

As you develop your unique new year’s resolutions, think of your work as an opportunity for change. Have you had an idea for years that never quite got legs? Want to build out a new sector of your organization? Your 2021 business goals will set the tone for innovation and support with your employees, management team and clients. Plan fearlessly and prepare now for a successful year.

Happy New Year and happy strategizing! 🎉