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Gen Z is the catch-all moniker for anyone born between 1997–2012. Accounting for nearly 30 percent of current U.S. demographics, Gen Z is projected to become the largest consumer cohort in American history as of 2026. Members of this generation are known as digital natives because they were raised with instant access to social media, virtual news, and entertainment.

Due to the meteoric rise of TikTok and the continued success of YouTube, it’s easy to assume that Gen Zers seek out video content. However, a recent survey of Gen Z media habits concluded that 55 percent of Gen Zers read written content weekly, and another 40 percent do so daily. That means you shouldn’t overlook the power of a well-crafted blog post. 

Blog Posts and Gen Z

Unlike older generations, 67 percent of Gen Zers prefer to read on their smartphones, the survey continues. This makes blog content ideal for Gen Z audiences. Blog posts are easily shareable on most internet channels—from social media to publishing websites like Medium.

For example, our content team at 10x Digital has been working with EPOCH Clemson, a student housing complex in South Carolina. Their target audience falls into the Gen Z demographic, most of whom are college students at Clemson University.

When we first came on board to help elevate EPOCH Clemson’s online presence, their website had low conversions and high bounce rates. To resolve this problem, we increased both the quality and consistency of posts on their blog. Those adjustments (along with some other website tweaks) achieved the following results:

  • 47 percent decrease in overall bounce rate;
  • 35 percent increase in page views per session; 
  • 77 percent increase in average session duration;
  • 65 percent increase in traffic (96 percent via mobile). 

Writing Content that Resonates with Gen Z

The trick to boost Gen Z interest in a blog is to write directly to them—it’s not rocket science (but sometimes hard to do). So, you’ll need to harness Gen Z’s communication style, online behaviors and topics of interest to develop meaningful content. Here are some ways to get on the right track:   

1. Know Who You’re Talking To

According to the Pew Research Center, Gen Z exists at a fascinating intersection. As a whole, Gen Zers are more ethnically diverse than other age brackets, and they’re also on track to be the most educated generation to date. Given these qualities (combined with their remarkable tech savviness), Gen Zers have clear expectations for the type of content they consume.

This audience chooses to interact with brands that align with their core values and step into cultural dialogues—but not in a performative way. With all this in mind, it’s helpful to start by learning who Gen Zers are and what matters to them so that you can produce relevant content.   

2. Be Authentic and Interactive 

Near the end of 2022, Google released its newest algorithm update, prioritizing content written for actual humans, not search engine bots. In other words, your content will rank higher in search results when you create specific and helpful content.

This practice enhances SEO and helps you reach more Gen Zers because these tech-savvy consumers can spot “sales” content within seconds of skimming. Let your business’s human side come across in your posts and build a connection with the reader.  

3. Double-Down on Visuals

As mentioned earlier, Gen Z media preferences are as unique as they are. But with that said, videos or other multimedia visuals in a blog will always be an effective way to capture attention. Gen Zers spend an average of 7.2 hours per day watching videos, The Los Angeles Times reports, and most of this content is short-form.

A quick video snippet or another audiovisual element (interactive poll, animated GIF, meme, chart, tweet embed, infographic, podcast, music clip, etc.) is a creative way to make written copy more exciting to read. Just be sure the visuals you use will complement—not distract from—the blog post.

4. Include a CTA to Share on Social

A recent poll of Gen Z social media habits revealed that nearly 55 percent of consumers, ages 13–25, spend at least four hours daily on their favorite social networks. The favorite apps are typically YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and BeReal, with channels like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook slightly further down the list.

How is this relevant to blog content? If you want Gen Zers to notice and consume a post, make it shareable on social media. This generation views the internet as a place for connection and communication—so be sure to include social share buttons on all the posts you create. It’s free publicity!

Attract Gen Z Consumers with these Tips for Quality Blog Content 

These simple but effective strategies will help you create engaging, compelling and entertaining posts for a Gen Z audience, but if you’re still not quite sure where to start, our team of content marketing specialists is here to help. Contact us, and let’s develop blog content to put your brand in front of the right Gen Z consumers.