Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time. Still, with OpenAI’s viral release of ChatGPT in 2022, talk of AI tools has dominated the internet and is quickly becoming a trend. Now, everyone’s wondering if the long-promised AI revolution is finally here.

While we don’t expect to see androids walking the streets anytime soon, AI has forever changed the landscape of modern business—particularly in digital marketing. 

Today, several AI marketing tools are available to professionals for everyday use. And while they can’t do your job for you, here are a few of the best options to speed up your workflow and help you break a creative block:


Phrasee simplifies social media content creation by crafting on-brand messaging to connect with your audience. By examining the past performance of previous posts, it can generate new copy that is most likely to attract likes and comments.

Of course, you’ll still need to have someone carefully review the content Phrasee produces to determine whether it’s on brand. Not everything the tool makes is right for your audience, but careful editing can ensure you maintain a consistent, appropriate voice.

Multiple brands, including Walgreens, Hilton, Pet Supplies Plus and Sephora, rely on Phrasee for help with their social media content. 

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO can help you create on-topic articles that incorporate keywords and natural language phrases that search engines prioritize. It also suggests ways to optimize your content, from an ideal article length to paragraph headings and the number of images to include in your post.

While Surfer SEO provides helpful analysis, it can’t write your article. Use the tool to supplement your content with SEO strategies, but use your voice to create compelling content. You’ll know your article is Surfer SEO–approved once your content receives the green light, usually with a target score of 75 or more.


Chatfuel is an automated chatbot that can respond to common customer inquiries. As Chatfuel learns more about your organization’s processes, it will gain additional functionality, such as recommending products or asking for user feedback.

This tool can decrease your reliance on in-person live agents and increase client satisfaction with immediate answers to inquiries.  Remember that you must regularly review this communication and ensure it accurately reflects your brand or gives accurate answers. Numerous companies already use Chatfuel for customer service help, including Adidas, Netflix and Visa.

DeepL Translator

Finding translators isn’t always easy, especially in a market where English is the popular language. DeepL Translator aims to help companies translate their marketing content and articles accurately, making sure words don’t get lost in translation. But even DeepL isn’t perfect, and a qualified translator’s help can ensure you don’t make a mistake that adversely impacts your company’s reputation. allows you to automate emails based on prior content. E-commerce stores commonly use it to notify customers of new products, asking the system to generate an email with your target audience in mind.

It’s no replacement for a human copywriter, but it can boost your output when you’re short on time. And, of course, you’ll need to edit your email for any mistakes and ensure the content reflects your company’s brand voice before sending any email.

AI Marketing Tools Can Help You Be a Better Marketer

While artificial intelligence isn’t ready to take on an entire marketing campaign, some AI marketing tools can enhance your productivity. And each tool still requires human intervention to produce the best results. For additional help navigating the AI scene and incorporating it into your long-term plan, schedule a consultation today with our team at 10x Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency.