Data-driven 10X Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest tech topics of 2023—and it’s not hard to see why. According to a recent poll of 185 marketers, 82 percent think AI-generated content is just as effective as human content. Another 88 percent confirm this software will save their business time and money. So, will AI content marketing make content creators obsolete?

The short answer is no. This technology still requires human oversight—but a successful AI content marketing plan can help you produce and scale high-quality content. Here’s our take on how AI content marketing can optimize your content marketing efforts:

Increase Your Publish Rate

You may have heard of ChatGPT, but this platform only scratches the surface of all AI content marketing tools available. Turning content creation entirely over to an AI generator is not recommended. Still, you can use this tech as a strategic writing partner (not a replacement) in your creative process, and over time, your output of human-written posts will increase. And more content equals more touch-points to scale brand awareness, interact with consumers and grow your online presence. 

Offer Personalized Browsing with Dynamic Content

More than 60 percent of consumers want the brands they follow to anticipate their unique, specific needs. AI content marketing tools enable you to meet this expectation through dynamic content software. When installed into a website’s backend, this program can access a user’s location, search history, interactions, purchases, and other online activities, then automatically change the content on your website to reflect this data. As a result, you’ll curate a personal, relevant browsing experience for each consumer—from the visual elements to the tone of the copy or the call to action.

Locate and Leverage User-Generated Content (UCG)

According to a 2023 State of Social and User-Generated Content report, consumers view user-generated content (UGC) as the most trustworthy, authentic form of content. UGC is an excellent way to create social proof because it allows consumers to see your brand in a non-branded environment. It’s hard to find UGC material manually—but AI content marketing software does it for you in a fraction of the time. These tools gather posts, mentions, reviews, testimonials, and ratings about your brand from across the web that you can use. Just ask permission before sharing this content!

Customize E-Newsletters

Instagram stories and TikTok reels might earn all the flashy attention but don’t overlook the consistent, reliable ROI of an effective e-newsletter campaign. The global revenue for email marketing is projected to reach $10.8 billion in 2023, and AI technology makes it simple to tailor each e-newsletter to your audience. With AI content marketing software, you can automate subscriber segments and track their online behaviors to create targeted emails they want to click on.

Scale the Success of Your Brand with AI Content Marketing Tools

Artificial intelligence has transformed the online business landscape in numerous ways—and content marketing is no exception. If you want to scale your own brand to the next level with AI content marketing strategies, our team here at 10x Digital would love to help you achieve this goal. Contact us, and let’s start optimizing your content in 2023.